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Keypad Tips

Navigate quickly and easily around the Live Connector with this key pad reference. Click on each key to get more details of what each key does.

Click a button from the live keypad below to see what it does.

1 Request Connection 2 Send Message 3 Play Next Greeting 4 Add/Remove Hotlist 5 Refresh Your Greeting 6 Play Previous Greeting 7 Begin Local Greetings 8 Block Caller 9 Repeat Greeting * 0 #

Request Connection

Hear a greeting that you like? Press '1' to request a connection to chat live with that caller. The connection is confidential & private between you and the other caller.


Send Message

Want to take it slower? Use this key function as an introduction or teaser so both parties can learn more about each before jumping into a live connection.


Play Next Greeting

This allows you to skip through the greeting you are listening to and jump right into the next greeting of another caller.


Add/Remove Hotlist

Like the greeting you are listening to? You can add the caller to your favorite list (aka Hot List) so you'll be notified when they are on the line next time.


Refresh Your Greeting

Re-record your name and greeting by pressing 5.


Play Previous Greeting

Repeat the greeting you heard previously listened to by pressing '6'.


Begin Local Greetings

Jump right back to hear greetings of callers closest to you by pressing '7'.


Block Caller

Don't like the caller? Pressing '8' will block that caller so they can't hear your greeting and you don't hear theirs again. If they are acting inappropriately, pressing '8' again will flag them to us and we'll take it from there.


Repeat Greeting

Like the greeting and want to hear the greeting again, press '9'!



Need assistance? No problem, press '*' and help is on the way.


Exit Menu

To exit the Main Menu.

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